2017 ChromaZone® Color Forecasting Workshops


ChromaZone Logo_Version 2_RGB_0.jpgCMG's ChromaZone® Workshops give you the opportunity to discuss and identify the colors that will be the basis for future color trends, sharing your color stories with like-minded color professionals.   As the day progresses, the colors will be narrowed to a final Color Forecast which is distributed to you in digital format with notations (view a sample forecast) in NCS, Pantone, RAL, Munsell and RGB.

The information gathered from each ChromaZone® will become part of CMG's broader color forecasting work and the results consolidated to form CMG's World Color Forecastwhich is revealed annually at CMG's International Summit.  Here you will see the comparisons from CMG's color forecasting Workshops and Conferences held throughout North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, and Latin America.  

CMG's 2018+ World Color Forecast was recently revealed at the 2016 International Summit - the 2019+ Forecast™ will be revealed in during CMG's 2017 International Summit (details to follow)

You do NOT need to be a member of CMG to participate in a ChromaZone® - these Workshops are open to current and former CMG members or color professionals involved in color forecasting. We also invite members of related professional organizations, education and media.   Contact sgriffis@colormarketing.org to register.

March 14th



March 22nd

Austin TX


April 3rd



April 25th

High Point NC


May 2nd - 3rd

Cleveland OH

2-day Super ChromaZone - CMG members only - Register

May 5th

Toronto ON



Boston MA

This Workshop has been cancelled - please contact Head Office for more information

June 10th

Pasadena CA


June 14th

Chicago IL


May 17th - 19th

European Conference - Valencia, Spain


September 10th - 12th

Asia Pacific Conference - Suzhou, China