International Summit Overview



International Summit

Attending CMG International Summit  is by far one of the greatest benefits of membership. It is, in fact, a collection of benefits.

CMG members and color design experts from all over the world meet at the Summit for the revelation of CMG's World Color Forecast™ comprising the results from Color Forecasting events held in North America, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.  

The Summit also comprises Workshops, Educational sessions, Optional Events, and myriad Guest Speakers from around the world.

Color App Workshops:  In these Workshops you'll be be working with CMG's World Color Forecast, applying these colors to real situations on Contract Industries, in various industries in Color Combinations or as part of the CMG Group.  The final outcome of each Workshop wil be presented during the Closing Session on Sunday.  There are 4 Workshops from which to choose and you choose the Workshop which is most appealing and relevant to you.

Future Thinking Workshops:  Strengthen your trendspotting skills, learn from fellow trend leaders within CMG's membership, and use those skills to benefit your company as well as help you get a jump-start on CMG's ChromaZone® Color Forecasting Workshops..  

International Color Information: Internationalism is integrated into every CMG program and activity.  During the Sumit, the highlight is the revelation of CMG's  World Color Forecastcompriing  64 colors - 16 colors from each of the 4 regions.  The colors are distriuted in fan deck and color card format, and are also available electronically.

Additional benefits of "being there":

Leading-Edge Speakers -- CMG brings the top names in color, design and marketing to its Summit as keynote speakers.

Multi-Industry Networking -- Nowhere else can you interact with other Color Designers from virtually every industry. CMGs Sumit  offers an unparalleled cross-pollination of color ideas. Face-to-face discussions in formal Workshops and in CMG's more relaxed programs can offer specific color and design information that you won’t find in any report or collection of colors you might receive -- anywhere.

Professional Growth:  The Workshop structure allows CMG members to act as Workshop Facilitators. In this way they can participate on a higher level, sharpen leadership skills, and contribute to the development of the final color forecast.

Volunteerism:  CMG's extensive committee structure offers members a chance to participate further on a higher level. CMG is a member-driven association, and those members who are most active will rise to the highest levels of leadership.  Speakers[1].jpg