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CMG's International Meetings,  ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshops & the annual International Summit  provide Workshop exchanges on the direction of color and design around the world.  CMG encourages your participation at these events to grow the value of your membership and expand your color tribe.   By participating side-by-side with fellow color professionals you glean valuable information.  Your participation enriches both yourself, fellow members, and assures a high-quality Color Forecast.  You'll validate your own color choices, hear color stories in your industry and others, and learn about new trends and colors that can immediately be applied to your products.  Besides, where else can you mix and mingle with leading product and industrial design professionals, art and graphic designers, color and trend specialists, CMF Specialists and more?  The short answer?  Nowhere.  When searching for a global professional-development and networking community, we are the obvious choice.  CMG is the perfect fit for the aspiring designer and the established professional.

Global Reach - This year CMG members will convene in events and Conferences being held in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Ontario, and Texas. International events will be held in Singapore, Italy, Spain, and China. The final results from these Color Forecasting events will be revealed later this year at the annual International Summit being held in Portland Oregon, November 10th to 12th.  

Color Forecasts — are invaluable tools to help you make informed decisions about your product lines. CMG's World Color Forecast, comprising Color Forecasts from North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America are free each year with your CMG membership. 

Instant On-line Information — The Members-only pages of CMG’s web site gives you immediate access to the latest color and design information from the most recent Summit and International Conferences, as well as previous color forecasts, allowing you to track the movement of color over the last ten years!


Online Membership Directory — CMG's Directory is an invaluable networking tool that is free to all CMG members. 

ChromaZone Color Forecasting Workshops & Conferences  — Your participation in our annual forecasting process is key.  Each year we host trend forward, color forecasting events and Conferences around the globe to discuss and identify colors and trends emerging two years ahead.  Validated color stories and colors are identified and are steered into the World Color Forecast, leading the color marketing industry into the future.  By participating in the annual Forecasting process you are driving, sharing,  discussing and exposing emerging colors ahead of the revelation of the final World Color Forecast at our annual Summit.  You will lead rather than follow the color marketing future.  

Partnership Alliance — Sponsorship opportunities provide you and your company visibility and access to top color decision-makers in every industry.


Leadership Development — CMG's extensive volunteer Committee structure offers you an opportunity to participate on various levels and to sharpen your leadership and business skills.  

Professional Code of Ethics — As "The Premier International Association for Color Design Professionals," CMG members are committed to advancing the standards and ideals of the Color and Design profession.

Facilitation - Take the lead in a Workshop.  As a Facilitator your contribution helps you to build a better understanding of the importance of the forecasts, builds lating color professional relationships,and gives you a first look at the shortlisted colors.

CMG Logo — As a member, you have exclusive use of CMG's logo — an international symbol of merit and distinction in color and design.

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