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Do you need access to the latest color forecasts for 2018 and beyond?  CMG Members receive the latest Color Forecasts from around the world including the 2017+ and 2018+ World Color Forecast.  

What better way to validate your color forecasting knowledge than to join one of the premier associations for color design professionals?  Are your predictions accurate?  What trends are influencing your choices?  As a member of CMG you automatically gain access to hundreds of color design professionals engaged in either forecasting color or applying color!  Connect with color design  professionals who "get" it and tap into a network of skilled and experienced color forecasters from around the world.

What makes our Forecasts unique?

CMG's Forecasts are created by members in collaborative and multi-industry Workshops.  They are cross-industry, applicable across multiple industries and multiple product lines - and they are directional, focusing on the directional change in colors and color families.  Our final Forecasts are the collaborative output of hundreds of color design specialists who come together during the year to discuss, share, think, participate, ancd collaborate in color!

Other Member Benefits:

  • Members receive the World Color Forecasts for 2017 and 2018 including the colors and reports from North America, Latin America, Europea, and the Asia Pacific region .  The Forecast is provided in digital format as well as printed fan decks and cards.  

  • The printed color card from each region has NCS chips showing the closest notations from RAL, XRite, Pantone, Munsell and RAL.  Additionally all the colors are available electronically, as well as the onsite presentations and color reports delivered at the 2016 International Summit by each of the Regional Committees, including North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.  

  • Previous color forecasts archives from CMG's World Color Forecasts are downloadable from the CMG web site - track the movement of color in the last 10 years across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. .

  • The 2018+ colors forecast during CMG's ChromaZone Color Workshops held in 2016 are also exclusive to CMG members and distributed electronically.  This is a unique opportunity to see the subtle nuances that occur regionally.   Over 300 color design professionals attended these events culminating in a multi-industry forecast.   Participants identified more than 140 colors that they believe will show the course that colors are likely to take into 2018 and beyond.  Don't miss the chance to get access to an invaluable tool to help you determine what's coming NEXT!  

  • The results from the 2016 Color App Workshops held during the Summit are even more indepth than before, offering insight into where the World Colors will be used in the Contract markets; specific color combinations in different industries, and finally which of the World Colors will have materials and finishes. The Workshops also reviewed next year's World Colors and identified the specific industries that will apply our 2016 World Colors. 

1. 2017+ World Color Forecast™ - This report is the result of Workshop exploration, validation and brings dimension to how last year’s Color Forecast materialized in the markets. 

2. Colors in Action - This report gives wings to CMG;s recently revealed 2018+ World Color Forecast™, developing our vision of how trends will shape color combinations in 2018 and beyond.  

3. Colors in Contract - This report is prepared by participants involved in the commercial markets and considers the use of CMG’s world colors in hospitality, education, healthcare, and office.   

4. Color, Material & Finish - This report explores how CMG”s 2018+ colors speak to the influences of material and finish on color

  • Network with hundreds of other color design professionals around the world - where else can you connect with the leading Product, Industrial and Interior Design Professionals, CMF Designers, Product, Marketing & Brand Managers, Art & Graphic Designers, and Trend Specialists?

  • As a CMG member you are eligible to register at the Member Rate for all CMG Events around the world, including the local ChromaZone Color Forecast Workshops.  Big discounts and lots of color!

  • CMG’s Company Membership offers you the opportunity to register YOU and Company Member Representatives at the member rates for all events, meeting, and the Summit (see the web site for more details).

  • CMG's members may use the appellation, "Member, Color Marketing Group" and attach CMG's logo to your business card, media pages and website, indicating your association with the premier international association for color design professionals 

  • Color Marketers know that color is key in selling products.  Having the right colors during the product development process benefits product sales by providing more time for planning and product development and gives you a competitive edge enabling you to lead with confidence.  It also ensures:

You offer the right products at the right time.

Your products meet consumer desires and expectations.

Your products will complement other product areas.

  • CMG's color forecasting events provide a forum for the extensive exchange of non-competitive information in all phases of color marketing, including color trends, design influences, product development, manufacturing, merchandising, education, and industry contacts.  


Join today and tap into Color Marketing Group's cutting-edge Color Forecasts so you will "know" what's hot, and have the "how" to get there!



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