Color Marketing Group Announces Cool New Color Trends for Fall 2007 Chameleon Colors Fool The Eye; Cool New Grays and Silvers are Hot Now

Alexandria, VA /August  2007 -- For nearly 40 years, Color Marketing Group, the leading international organization of color and design professionals, has been ahead of the color curve – predicting with remarkable accuracy the colors that will look fresh and new and "now" each season...

"This summer, CMG predicted the rise of pink – a yellower, more empowering pink.  And it’s everywhere right now," said Jack Bredenfoerder, president of CMG. "Pinks and reds are staying with us for a while more, but come fall, the freshest looking palette will be quite toned down."

According to Color Marketing Group, the two hot new color trends for fall are seriously cool:

  • CHAMELEON COLORS - This has been a huge year for special finishes, and this fall we’ll see even more colors that change and morph as the light changes.  New technologies in all kinds industries make it possible.  Whether it’s cars, or flooring, or tabletop or fabrics, look for colors that keep changing as you stare at them.  Is it green? gray? brown?  It all depends on the light!
  • COOL GRAYS AND SILVERS - Browns have prevailed for a long time, especially browns with blues.  But starting this fall, the browns are getting warmer and yellower to make room for cool, cool grays.  These grays will be the key new neutrals, and along with them, expect to see lots and lots of shining silver. Grays and silvers will look and feel very new, straight through the holidays.

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