Color Marketing Group Announces Hot New Color Trends for Summer 2007: Think Pink --and Red -- and Shimmmering White

Alexandria, VA /July  2007 -- Color Marketing Group, the leading international organization of color and design professionals, predicts color trends twice each year, and for nearly 40 years, their predictions have been remarkably accurate.

"CMG's process for predicting color trends starts with analyzing all of the influences on our perceptions – the sociology, politics, news, lifestyle trends, fashions – everything that makes us crave certain colors now," said Jack Bredenfoerder, president of CMG.  "At the end of 2006, CMG predicted neutrals the color of stone and earth, blues the color of sky and water, and botanical greens – all the result of massive new concern about the environment.  Those colors were everywhere this spring."

Now that summer is in full swing, CMG announces two hot new color trends:

  • Trend Pink – The red/pink family is heating up!  This is an empowered pink.  It's not feminine, not little-girlish.  The catalyst has indeed been the power of cause-related marketing for critical health issues from breast cancer to AIDS awareness.  But this strong, sophisticated pink – warmer, with just a little yellow in it – as well as its companion red will be seen in products ranging from sneakers to blenders.
  • Special Finishes – There is a big resurgence of luminescent white everywhere.  It's white with a special shimmer.  We're also seeing a great many organic looking finishes -- brushed metals, colors that look like metals, pearlescent finishes –lots of shimmer and shine and much less flat color than we've seen in the last few years.

Color Marketing Group forecasts color trends for up to three years into the future for its members, many of whom must plan ahead for product, space and materials introductions.

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