Colors Worn By Candidates Send Emotional Messages

Is there a hidden message in all those blue and red ties? What about a yellow or orange shirt? A red pantsuit?

"We keep getting calls asking about the meaning of politicians’ tie colors," said Jaime E. Stephens, executive director of Color Marketing Group, the leading international association of color professionals, headquartered in Alexandria, VA. "It’s conceivable that the candidates are not aware of the messages they’re sending, but they’re definitely sending them."

What do the colors mean? Color Marketing Group provides some classical color information to help you decode the emotional messages:

Blue – It’s no accident that you see more blue ties than any other color. Blue is calming and reassuring. It lowers the blood pressure and pulse. Dependable, cool, constant, unwavering and supporting, blue is the color that says: "You can trust me."

Red – Red has the greatest emotional impact. It increases the pulse and blood pressure and heart rate. It conveys excitement, passion, alertness, and confidence. It’s dynamic and forceful. Most of all, red says: "I am powerful."

Yellow – The color of the sun is cheerful, upbeat, and also conveys intellectual properties and enlightenment. Yellow says: "I’m warm and friendly."

Orange – The hottest color conveys strength and endurance. It’s friendly. Lighter shades are calming; brighter shades are exuberant. Orange also says: "I’m warm."

Green – The color of nature and serenity, green is refreshing, reassuring, life-enhancing. It also signifies health. These days, green says: "I care about the environment."

Purple – Once the color of royalty (because it was so rare) purple suggests individuality and creativity. Lighter shades suggest spirituality. Purple says: "I’m a unique person."

Pink – No longer worn only by women. On a male candidate, pink says, "I’m self-assured."

Brown – Once considered too informal for the White House, brown came into it's own when Ronald Regan wore it.  Today, the color of espresso coffee and fine chocolates sends a message that is both understated and robust.  Brown says: "I'm serious, but down-to-earth, and approachable."