• The Sherwin Williams Company

    “Employees from various divisions of Sherwin Williams have been involved as members in Color Marketing Group for many years.  As a long-standing member of CMG, and a past Board member, I have gained a tremendous amount of information and support for my Latin American region.  Through CMG's volunteer Leadership and Development program, I was appointed CMG’s  Latin American Region Board Liaison for four years, and the response we from the CMG community received when we started this group was amazing.  We held color forecast meetings in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico (twice!), and Colombia, and my Sherwin-Williams colleagues in those countries were and still are, enthusiastic  participants.  Sherwin-Williams uses CMG as a notable resource for professional color forecasts. We validate our own trends and influences, and are able to gain information on industry directions beyond the coatings field.  I use my participation in the CMG International Summits and my many CMG networking contacts to do the same for our Latin countries, as we design our regional palettes.  We need to be current on the global color and design view, and CMG allows me to include not only the European directions, but also North American and Asia-Pacific.  I would encourage all companies – no matter the industry – and all color professionals to become active participants in Color Marketing Group!

    Carol Derov, Manager, International Marketing Services, The Sherwin Williams Company,  Chairholder and former Board of Director Member of Color Marketing Group.

  • EMD Chemicals and Merck

    As a long time member and supporter of Color Marketing Group, EMD Chemicals and Merck have been extremely active in being a big part of CMG's past, and plan to continue in the future.  Our relationship with CMG has been solid over the past 20 years. Because of this, EMD/Merck has been constantly developing contacts, projects, and opportunities which keeps us #1 in the world as the premier special effect pigment manufacturer. The networking opportunities with many decision makers in the industries we serve are immeasurable.  CMG can continue to count on us as a partner, where we both can perpetuate the art of trend forecasting and leveraging of our latest innovations.

    George Iannuzzi, Market Development Manager, EMD Chemicals, Inc. 
    CMG Chairholder and Vice President of PR and Communications

  • J & J Marketing

    I attended my first Color Marketing Group Summit in Atlanta in the fall of 2006. I was initially overwhelmed by the energy and talent of the attendees. One indidvidual went out of her way to include me in an evening dinner event. Her name is Beth Simon, a current Chairholder of Color Marketing Group.  She became both a friend and a mentor.  Beth told me that as a volunteer group," you get out of CMG what you put in," and that has been my motivation.  CMG has a wonderful array of talented members who share their  time and love of color with those who want to know where color is going.  Come and see!

    John West, Immediate Past President, Color Marketing Group