The Forecasting Process

CMG's Forecasts are color "Directions," not directives. The colors selected for CMG's Forecasts show the course that colors are likely to take. Each Forecast is an invaluable tool that members use and interpret for their specific industries and products.

CMG's  Forecasts - called NEXT colors - are colors that have not yet been applied to a particular product and are under consideration for future product introductions.

Colors Workshops also evaluate colors that are currently identified as "best sellers" in the marketplace or are scheduled to appear in the marketplace in the next product cycle. These are called NOW colors.




This unique method of color forecasting is an ongoing process and begins well before CMG members convene. Conference registrants develop individual forecasts that encapsulate a wide variety of influences or trends that each Color Designer identifies within his or her industry.


CMG members from around the world collaborate throughout the year at regional color workshops - ChromaZones to determine what's coming NEXT. The results of these meetings are shared at the final annual summit Conferences.


Color Forecast Workshops take place concurrently at the summit conference in which CMG members interpret the direction of color and influences ranging from the economy, the environment, politics, sports, demographics, social issues, technology to cultural events, worldwide.


Following a day-long discussion of the many influences on colors and the shifts likely to occur in the coming years, a Color Forecast is developed from each of the Workshops.


Through a Steering Committee, these Workshop Forecasts - together with the results from the regional ChromaZone events- are consolidated into a final Forecast which is shared with CMG members and conference participants.