What Color Can Do For You

Mother Nature was the first color stylist, with an endless array of color options and a keen understanding of color's purpose in the world. In nature, color isn't random. It attracts, warns, and informs.

In the manmade world, the right color conveys an image, sets a mood, and defines a style. It can even suggest a price point. Color helps products sell. So how do we determine which color is the right color for a given application?

The members of Color Marketing Group convene throughout the year, in local and international gatherings, to discern what innovations are about to change the world, what adaptations we need to make, and which hues best express how colors evolve with the times. From discussions ranging from social change to social media, from technology to nature, from keynote speeches to firsthand workshops, trends emerge. Consensus is reached. And the palette of the future takes shape.

We're not just passionate about color. For us, passion and color are one and the same.

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