About Color Marketing Group


Color Marketing Group, founded in 1962, is a not-for-profit, international Association of color design professionals involved in the use of color as it applies to the profitable marketing of goods and services. CMG provides a forum for the exchange of non-competitive information relating to all phases of color marketing; color trends and combinations; design influences; merchandising and sales; and education and industry contacts.

Our members interpret, create, forecast , and select colors in order to enhance the function, salability and quality of manufactured goods.


CMG’s major focus is to identify the direction of color and design trends. CMG members then interpret that information into salable colors for manufactured products across all industries.

CMG's primary forecasting opportunities are in the form of ChromaZone Color Workshops which are held throughout the world, and during which CMG members and global color design experts forecast colors that have not yet been applied to a particular product or service.

CMG's forecasts relate to all industries including Action/Recreation, Consumer Goods, Technology, Home, Visual Communications, Transportation, Juvenile Products, Fashion, and environments for Office, Health Care, Retail, Hospitality/Entertainment and Institutional/Public Spaces.

CMG's Color Forecasts are color directions not directives, and are best interpreted by Color Professionals, based on their specific industries and products.

Influences affecting color run the gamut from social issues to politics, the environment, the economy and cultural diversity. It is an understanding of the influences that provides the most useful information, and it is the input of so many Color Designers, that gives each Forecast its tremendous validity.

While the end result of each Color Workshop is the development of a Color Forecasts covering both the consumer and contract markets, a key part of these events is the exchange and sharing of information that takes place among color experts. Knowing what forces and factors are influencing shifts in color directions, as seen through the eyes of their color colleagues, is as important to the Color expert as the Forecast itself.


Color is everywhere - from the metallic finish of an automobile to the aged look of paint. What happens from a color standpoint in one industry impacts another, causing color influences to constantly change. The interaction of color experts is vital in order to remain on the cutting edge of what is happening not only in your business, but the business of everyone else. After all, the world becomes smaller every day.

"Color Sells...and the 'Right' Colors 
Sell Better!